Edgar Award Winner: Now Available in e-book.

This neo-noir thriller stirred controversy when a dissenting judge on the Edgar Award Committee broke with tradition to condemn the selection of this "amoral" novel for Best Paperback Original.  The novel tells the story of a forensic psychologist accused of strangling his mistress—and does so through the unnerving, charming, intelligent, often unreliable voice of the accused himself. Originally published in mass paper by Hard Case Crime, this e-book edition from Molotov Editions features a cover photo by Peter Rozovsky, author of  the influential blog Detectives Beyond Borders.




"In the literary tradition of The Killer Inside Me, and every bit as powerful.  Stansberry is an extraordinarily evocative writer.”  George Pelecanos, writer/producer The Wire, author The Double


"A CLASSIC”  January Magazine


“Compelling…. Fascinating… Industrial strength neo-noir.” Publishers Weekly


"Stansberry is a hard-hitting, uncompromising writer….A masterful novel by a (heretofore) underappreciated master of the genre. Very highly recommended."



“Fabulous writing, excellent pace and a thoroughly unnerving unreliable narrator results in a book that sticks in your craw, your brain and your gut for a very long time. No question: Stansberry is one of the genre's best writers right now.”  Sarah Weinman, Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind


“Stansberry's book is remarkable in the way that it draws us into sympathy with Danser, even as we see his weaknesses. He's not a hero, we can't even be sure he's not guilty, but he is awfully interesting. You'd have him over for dinner, as long as he stayed on his side of the table. BleekerBooks


“This first-person account will give you goose-bumps for days. …. With masterful technique, the author reveals and conceals until neither the mystery, nor the suspect can be taken for granted. Chilling ending.  Bookblog.com Vivian Lake